pcb promise

PCB Layout Design Features

  • High-Speed  constraint-driven design ensures seamless integration of advanced interfaces such as DDR3, DDR4, PCI-e, SATA, USB 3.0
  • High Speed interconnects going up to 25.0 Gbps  of  12 lines of  Serial / differential Signals
  • High Density layout design ensures up to  500 + pins/sq inch
  • Pre-Route and post-route Signal Integrity Analysis, IBIS Model Creation
  • Timing Environment that can accelerate timing closure of advanced interfaces
  • Options for Back drilling on critical High- speed Signals to avoid Reflections
  • Gerber editing capabilities, netlist extraction and extensive DRC solutions
  • Process checks includes checking of delays through vias, connector pins and IC package-pins for die 2 die length matching