pcb promise

Design Services

We offer Constraint-driven PCB Layout and design engineering from concept to production. We use the best in class EDA design tools from top tier companies and comply with international Compliant Standards to offer the best possible results.
In addition to low cost of ownership, we at  PCB promise, are committed to providing you with quick turnaround times with  a personalized touch and with greater emphasis to retain the confidence once built.

What We Promise you…

  • High speed and Impedance Controlled Designs running up to 25 Gbps
  • Impedance controlled designs with delay matching, Stack-up and material selection
  • High Layer count Design  up to 30 + layers
  • Multiple Fine pitch BGA (0.5mm) and high pin count BGA’s
  • High-Speed digital, integrated RF/analog and mixed-signal designs
  • HDI Designs with Micro Vias, Blind and Buried Vias, and Back Drilled Vias
  • Signal integrity compliances  to tuned traces and diff pairs
  • Conduction cooled and Air cooled  PCB designs
  • Bus routing, differential pairs and length matching
  • Ultra High density designs meeting BGA, Micro-BGA, PCI, PCI-e, cPCI specs
  • Flex PCB designs of all types
  • Rigid - Flex - Rigid PCB designs
  • CAM validation
  • DFT and DFM rule set compliances
  • Mechanically constrained PCB design.
  • Customer Database / IP Confidentiality
  • Standards Compliant to IPC, UL, MIL, DO-254  designs as per customer specifications

Our DFM compliance ensures that CAM checks are done before going to the fabricator leading to savings of time and effort in resolving manufacturability issues

  • Design for fabrication (DFF)
  • Design for assembly (DFA)
  • Design for test (DFT)